What is Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine is a medical system which originated in China and has been practiced and evolved for over 2000 years. Over this time it has undergone continuous development to flourish as the comprehensive medical system that it is today. Itís long history is a testament to itís effectiveness. More people than ever are now turning to Chinese medicine and recognising the benefits that it offers.

How does it work?

Acupuncture works through stimulating and balancing the energy in the body. The insertion of fine needles is used to rebalance the flow of energy, blood and fluids to restore health. In accordance with health and safety regulations only sterile disposable needles are used. Acupuncture needles are extremely fine and the sensation on insertion is usually of a dull ache.

What to expect?

A detailed case history will be taken in order to ascertain the nature of your condition. Questions will be asked about your current symptoms, previous treatments, past medical history, dietary habits, lifestyle, sleep and mood.

Examination includes observation of tongue and pulse and gentle palpation of stomach and back points to confirm the diagnosis.

Acute conditions can improve after a few treatments. Chronic conditions might take longer, but should show signs of improvements after 4 to 6 treatments.

Different Treatments used:

Patent Herbal Medicine works in synergy with acupuncture to make the treatment more effective. Particularly important in gynaecological conditions like endometriosis or infertility. Herbs are prescribed in pill form, making it simple and convenient to take.

Cupping can be used to remove chronic pain and eliminate heat from the body. A vacuum is created inside a glass cup and applied to the body. This treatment often feels like a deep massage.

Electro acupuncture is very effective for sports injuries, chronic pain and arthritis. A low current is applied to the needles, stimulating the flow of energy and blood.

Moxa a burning Chinese herb is good for a variety of conditions. In some cases the practitioner may recommend self therapy.

Ear acupuncture is effective for stopping smoking, stress reducing and detoxing. Small magnets or seeds can be applied to acupuncture points on the ear in order to support further health improvement between sessions.

Facial revitalisation using massage and acupuncture reduces wrinkles and to enhance muscle tone by stimulating the flow of blood and energy to the skin.

Tui Na a Chinese healing massage can be used to enhance the treatment, it is often recommended for sports injuries and chronic pain. It can also be used instead of acupuncture for people reluctant to needles.